Before buying a new mobile phone, you need to check these things, you will know whether the phone is genuine or not!


Currently, the trend of buying refurbished mobile phones on online shopping websites has increased.  Almost every shopping website offers customers the option to buy refurbished mobile phones.  But seeing the rise of this currency, if you are also thinking of buying a refurbished mobile phone, you should ensure its authenticity.  When buying a phone, it is very important that we check whether the phone we want to buy is a stolen phone or not, as you may face huge losses if you buy such a phone.

The Government of India has made it easier for people to buy refurbished mobile phones.  Now they can easily know if the phone they are buying is right or not.  Currently, the Government of India has launched a platform called Central Equipment Identity Register.  The central equipment identity register will check through the EMEI number whether it is appropriate to buy a mobile phone.

All mobile phones in India are allowed to be sold through 15 digit EMEI number.  It is considered illegal to sell any phone in India without this number.  To know the EMEI number of your mobile phone, dial * # 06 # in your phone.

 Your * # 06 # number will appear on your screen as soon as you dial this number.  If your mobile phone does not respond to the dialing of this number, then the phone has definitely been sold to you illegally.

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