Try this trick. Your phone will charge very quickly


Mobile & Technology Desk: Sometimes the battery of our smartphone becomes such that it has to be charged frequently. Due to which the phone stays in charging for hours. So what to do when sometimes we are in a hurry to charge the battery. How to charge a fast phone in less time .. We have come up with the tricks for you. There are a number of reasons why a phone may not charge quickly. Then we have come up with special tricks for you to charge the phone quickly .. so that your phone will be charged in a matter of minutes and your work will also be easier.

Put in Flight Mode 

The easiest way is to charge the phone by putting it in flight mode. Doing so charges the phone faster as all work is turned off and energy is saved when the phone is in flight mode.

Switch Off- So charging the phone in flight mode is a good option, but it is better if the phone is turned off and charged. When you turn off the phone, you will not be able to use the phone’s screen, motion sensors and apps at all, so your phone will charge quickly.

Do not charge via USB 

Often you charge the phone via USB cable while working on a laptop / computer. But let us tell you that charging a mobile phone with USB is done by charging the phone faster than electricity.

Charge the phone with the original charger

The phone’s original charger is best for battery and charging. It is therefore always advisable to use only its charger. This allows the phone to charge easily and quickly.


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